Frank Ocean always makes me feel. And I'm like, soul-less. :')

EDIT (as I'm no longer at work): Music has always seemed to have an antithetical effect on me than others. Barring being under the influence of drugs or with the exception of a uniquely small percentage of artists, I've never felt that strongly about music, as in the amusement is felt but the frisson is not. It's just sort of...there. All the time. At parties, at the gym, at friend's places, and so on.

At the frankest (ha) level, I find music to be sort of noisy, like I'd almost prefer silence to music. I think part of this is so I can better hear my thoughts, which I'm utterly obsessed with (I am me, after all), and also for the following reasons:

  1. I'm unable to work with music playing in the background.
  2. I'm unable to read with music playing in the background.
  3. I'm unable to write with music playing in the background.

To point 1, I spend the majority of my day working, so therefore, not playing music. Unless I'm doing a super mundane or tedious task, in which case, thank Jesus fucking Christ for the invention of music. To point 2, in my free time I spend the majority of my time reading and part of the rest watching things or taking part in point 3, so therefore, zero music. There are essentially very small amounts of opportunities during the day that I could be listening to music. At present, these opportunities usually present themselves while I'm at the gym or walking, and I do take advantage of them, but it's quite clear that I'm no body builder or professional dog walker. So I guess it's not so much that I don't enjoy music, it's that currently the ways in which I structure my days don't typically allow time for the enjoyment of music. 

I recently started playing guitar again so that's sort of like listening to music but not exactly entirely the same?

In any case, I plan to try picking up the following hobbies in the near future, which I think music will very much enhance:

  • Candle-making
  • Pottery
  • Maybe knitting? Haven't convinced myself either way yet.

Hopefully doing so will increase the amount of music in my life, and by virtue my overall contentment. Also, I really like making stuff with my hands. Until next time.