Jessie Huang


Jessie Huang

Jessie Huang

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Cali native. NYC denizen. Googler. Survivor.


domestic violence & criminal justice system survivor.

follow me on Quora, where i write extensively about my experiences being shuttled through the NYC criminal justice system system as both victim and perp.

check out my blog here - One Survivor Story

here’s a piece i wrote that i’m most proud of: I reported my assault to NYPD. Like Jussie Smollett, I was arrested. His case is harmful to the survivor community.

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Copy of About Me

Copy of About Me

More About Me


Currently, some of my interests include: Quora, gender violence advocacy, criminal justice reform, policing, self-care, writing, running.

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-Books, preferably paperback

-Hot Cheeto Puffs

-Exercising (endorphins)

-Tennis (I’m all-american)

-Taking risks

-Writing therapeutically & for the public

-Treating myself to new restaurants

-Self-experimentation & improvement

-Sharing my survivor story


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-The too-much-caffeine feeling


-Circle jerks


Copy of Education

Copy of Education


Claremont McKenna College

Cum Laude graduate with Honors in Psychology and Philosophy


Claremont, CA  



Rutgers University

Awardee: Summer Institute for Diversity in Philosophy Program

2012 Summer

New Brunswick, NJ




2006-2010                      Temple City High School

Temple City, CA               Parking lot loiterer. Literature 101 fan. Tennis MVP. Card Trick Nerd.